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Bathmate is a unique water-powered pumping device that works with the power of water to create intense negative pressure but stay at safe limits. As a result, the creation of an unrivaled penis pumping device that leaves every other competitor in the shadows! Designed for strength and high performance, the Bathmate pumps uses water instead of air to create a stable, consistent and safe pressure. This completely eliminates the air pumps risks.

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We have perfect Hydro penis pumps for every user's size and experience.
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For beginner users

First time using a penis pump? Bathmate Hydro 7 is the right model for you. With the strength of a standard suction but effective penis enlargement that safer for beginners.

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up to 35% more power!

Still using traditional air pump? It's time to switch! to Bathmate Hydromax series a high-tech penis pump that utilizes the power of water. Guaranteed 250% more efficient and effective way to enlarge the penis size.

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The strongest pump

Already familiar with pumping devices? This suits you the best! The most powerful penis pump with a hand ball is easier to use. Includes complete accessories for each order. The Bathmate Hydroxtreme series is the most advanced pumping device.

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Bathmate pumps is a breakthrough next generation device for:

Increases penis length.
Increases penis girth.
Increase erection hardness.
Makes erections last longer.
Promotes blood flow to the penis.
Maintain penis health.

Bathmate is the best penis pump in the world that replaces air pressure to water pressure for real and lasting improvements to your penis size, erection hardness, penis health and sex life. Since its launch, until now our hydro pump has helped millions of customers around the world.

Based on a recent survey

of respondents noted a size increase both in length and girth.
saw better erections, harder, looks muscular and more durable.
of respondents noted a real boost in their confidence.
of respondents feel an improvement in their sexual lives.
*Results not typical. Individual results may vary. Results gathered from post purchase surveys between 2020 and 2021 year.

The basic knowledge that you need to know

Getting to know Bathmate better can allows you to know the magnitude of its benefits and uses. It's easy, you just need to read, learn, and do it.

How it Works

Bathmate is a new breakthrough in the pumping device industry for overall penis health and enlargement, recognized as a pioneer of Hydropumps in the world.
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Choosing the right size

Each series comes in several sizes, so this will give you several possibilities to choose from, based on your erections size.
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How to use?

Please read the guide carefully, it's very easy and simple. You will know how to take full advantage from your Hydro pump potential.
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What did you get?

Regular use of Bathmate can keep the penis in top condition so that it makes erections harder, bigger, and longer lasting.
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Choosing Bathmate Size - Quick Steps

First of all you need to know the size of your penis when erect. The trick, use a ribbon or thread, stretch it from the base to the end, don't forget the circumference too, then put a mark on both. After that measure the tape using the ruler you have. Don't forget to write it down on paper.

Now use the length size first, you just choose one of the following size ranges.

Bathmate Hydropumps size range

Safe For Skin Using Medical Grade Material

Aspen Clinical Research - Global Product Testing - Company Logo
Aspen Clinical Research tests all Bathmate pumps by performing chemical tests on the materials from which they are built. They state that all are clean, free of phthalates, and safe to use on sensitive skin such as the penis and surrounding areas. With this you can be sure that Bathmate penis pumps is risks free.
FDA Approved Badge Black
FDA inspects all Bathmate pumps and strict quality control checks. In its development, each part undergoes approximately 100,000 cycles of testing, which is equivalent to 10 years of regular use, before being mass-produced. In the end, all Bathmate hydro pump passed FDA inspection and was recognized as a Medical Device Class II for EXTERNAL PENILE RIGIDITY DEVICE with registration number: 3010386378.

60 Days Money-back Guarantee

60 Days to Decide
No Questions Asked
Full Money Refund

All Bathmate pumps comes with a complete 60-day satisfaction guarantee, no questions asked! This policy is how we clear doubts about what this pumping device can do for you. Then try it for 60 days and let you see the results for yourself with absolutely no risk.

The guarantee means that once you buy your pump, you can return it within 60 days for a full refund if you are entirely dissatisfied for any reason. We can offer that guarantee for one reason - Bathmate means real results. Expect noticeable gains within about a month of regular use. This guarantee is valid once for each purchase to reduce abuse of the refund policy.

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