Enhance Your pumping Experience With Useful Accessories

Discover some fun, powerful ways to add a new level of performance for your hydropump! Here, you'll find our complete accessory collection, from Hydromax additions to powerful sex toys, cleaners and more.
Max Out built to aid jelqing

Max Out Jelqing Serum

Max Out is formulated with a range of high-quality ingredients including collagen, ginseng and caffeine, all chosen to help build up lasting gains, while giving you a far more pleasurable experience. Our serum has been clinically tested to ensure body-safe, reliable performance.

If you’re not familiar with jelqing, it’s pretty simple to get started. Once you’ve applied Max Out Jelqing Serum to your semi-erect penis, grip it in an O-shape at the bottom of your shaft, squeezing it a little. Stroke up the shaft to just before the corona, move down and repeat. Most recommend about 100 daily repetitions (in about 5 minutes) to get the best results. Make sure that you don’t jelq while fully erect - this can potentially cause an injury.

Bathmate Control for controlling orgasms and preventing premature ejaculation

Bathmate Control

One of the biggest sexual concerns for many is lasting power - can you keep going long enough to really satisfy a partner? If you’re looking for a way to add time and pleasure, Bathmate Control makes a real difference, controlling orgasms and preventing premature ejaculation.

Once you’ve applied our Bathmate Control gel, it takes about 40 minutes to take full effect (though you’ll experience a lot of the effect quickly), remaining active for several hours after, giving you all the tools for unforgettable sex.

Hydro VIbe for muscle relaxation, the release of natural hormones and chemicals like serotonin

Bathmate Hydro Vibe

Looking to make your hydropump routine even more productive? Our brand-new HydroVibe is the perfect addition to your pump workout, adding new sensations and even better results by combining vibration therapy with the water-based power of our pumps.

Attached around the bellows of any of our HydroXtreme penis pumps, the HydroVibe includes two powerful, detachable completely rechargeable bullet vibrators placed on each side of the pump. When you start out your routine, just turn these on, and you’ll start to experience ultra-powerful vibration. This results in an even better level of gains from your workout!

Using Shower Strap make your pumping routine handsfree

Shower Strap

Our Hydromax penis pumps are all designed to be easily used in the shower or bath, opening up real gains and convenience. However, if you’re trying to concentrate on your shower rather than just focusing on your hydropump routine, this can sometimes prove difficult. The Bathmate Shower Strap completely takes away this difficulty, letting you use your pump totally hands-free.

Attachable to any one of our penis pumps via a universal connector, the Bathmate Shower Strap is attached to your pump, then placed around your neck. Once that’s done, just start off with your normal penis pumping routine - once everything’s fully set up, you’ll be able to shower without worrying about the pump.

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