How to choose penis pump size

When you’re picking a penis pump, it’s really important to choose one that suits your size. If you’re too large or small for your pump, the vacuum created inside the pump won’t be able to achieve maximum effective pressure, making workouts less effective, leaving you missing out on the real gains achievable through a penis pumping routine.

This Bathmate size guide shows you the minimum and maximum lengths and girths for each of our pump sizes.

The size of your penis when erect

Knowing the size of a full erection is something that is important to know before choosing your penis pump size. Follow these steps to start measuring.

1. Measure erect length

Measure your erect penis with a ruler pressed lightly onto your pubic bone. You`ll find a ruler is easier than a tape measure.

Record the measurement from the pubic bone right up to the tip of your penis.

See the illustration below.

Illustration of how to measure the length of an erection

2. Measure the girth (Circumference)

Measure the circumference of your erect penis around the middle of your shaft

You’ll find a tailors tape measure is easiest, but a piece of string wrapped round and then measured against a ruler after will do.

See the illustration below.

Illustration of how to measure the thickness of the erect penis
We make hydropumps to fit almost any penis size. Once you know your size, please choose one of the size ranges that suit you below.

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