How Penis Hydropump Works


A penis generally consists of three structures that contain spongy material capable of filling with blood.

  • The penis comprises two cylindrical corpus cavernosa, housing central arteries and situated on its upper half. They are comparatively bigger than the other spongy structure.
  • The urethra runs through the corpus spongiosum, a spongy tissue that's sandwiched between the two corpus cavernosa. It serves as a conduit for both urine and sperm, playing an important role in the male reproductive system.
  • When a man becomes aroused, his penis is excited by the nerves surrounding it. This activates the muscles around the arteries, allowing more blood to flow into the penis. The sponge-like material in the penis will then absorb the added blood, causing it to become stiff and hard, or erect.

The Bathmate Hydromax takes penis enlargement to the next level. Unlike traditional pumps, it doesn't rely on a vacuum, but on the power of warm water to maximize effectiveness. It's designed to be used in water, whether you're in the shower or bathtub. 

While other methods may offer gains in length, the Hydromax primarily enhances girth and circumference. Yet, it's the only pump that delivers safe, permanent results without risking your health. No side effects to worry about. No negative impact on your penis health. 

Experience the new generation of penis enlargement pumps with the Bathmate Hydromax.

The Bathmate Hydropump generates a vacuum within its plastic tube, causing your penis to enlarge by filling the tube. As blood flows in, it stretches and inflates the penis. While you may initially be "pumped up," long-term use can lead to significant penis growth. With consistent use, the results are there to stay.

When men get an erection, their brain produces a hormone that directs their body to send abundant amounts of blood flow to the Corpora Cavernosa (AKA penis chambers). The increased blood flow fills up these chambers and creates a harder, firmer erection. The Hydropump uses vacuum pressure to enlarge the penis by driving more blood into it, thus triggering an erection. That's why pumps have been used for ED treatment for years.

Using Bathmate on a daily basis expands blood vessels around the penis, allowing more blood to fill the erectile chambers, resulting in harder and larger erections. Simply put, Bathmate creates an erection using suction that draws blood into the corpus cavernosa. The lymphatic system gets stimulated, improving blood cell oxidation and flushing out toxins, leading to improved penile health overall. 

Bathmate's simple one-handed mechanism encourages continued use and progress, ultimately improving sex by enhancing size and stamina. Immediate changes are visible in length and girth.

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